Muerte Del Director De Medicina Legal De Barranquilla

According to the pseudonym Chucho, one of the two hitmen who carried out the murder, the wife of the regional director of forensic medicine and her driver planned the alibis to make the crime look like a robbery of the couple`s home. According to Chucho, it was Johan Beltrán, the driver, who contacted her to commit the crime. But, he told the prosecutor, “the wife of the deceased listened to all the conversations that were very clear between the ± and me, which were about 15 or 20 calls.” In a WhatsApp message sent 15 days before the murder, Hassim Johan gives Enrique Beltrán Ulloque, his driver, the mobile phone number of the dangerous criminal. (Read also: Wife of former director of forensic pathology denies involvement in murder) The woman, who is being prosecuted as the alleged determinant of the murder of her husband, former forensic director Eduardo Pinto Viloria, is exempt from prison sentences because of the expiration. According to Zona Cero, the new evidence from the investigation will show that the wife of the regional director of forensic medicine, Dayana Jassir de la Hoz (criminally), performed a DNA test on the child± which would have confirmed the non-paternity of Pinto Viloria. “Call that phone and put it all together.” This text message, found on the mobile phone of Dayana Hassim de la Hoz, where the phone number of the hitman who murdered her husband is revealed, was the key to finding the perpetrators of the murder of Eduardo Pinto Viloria, director of forensic medicine in Barranquilla. Yesterday afternoon, police were alerted to the death of a man who entered a motel with a woman in the La Parada neighborhood of Villa del Rosario. Beltrán was captured with two accomplices, Miguel González and Jesús Gutiárrez©, and a third Seã±alado was released. The three inmates accepted charges of aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, unlawful possession of weapons and aggravated robbery. Everyone in Beltran`s home was aware of his relationship with his employer, including, as Beltran`s father implied at the hearing where his son Hassim, the hitman and the taxi driver were charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, illegal possession of weapons and aggravated murder. The relatives recalled that between his career as director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Emel Palacio fought for the clarification of cases of rape of minors and also for the clarification of cases of false alarms recorded in the department. The gunmen stopped at the van in which Hassim and his driver were travelling. “Chucho” was sitting in the passenger seat and alias Ñeco – who is a refugee – was placed in the back seat next to Dayana Hassim.

When they were in the house, the wife of the regional director of forensic pathology shouted out the window: “My love is that I left the keys and some papers, and that`s why I came back.” Early hypotheses indicated that Pinto Viloria`s death was due to his employment or an ordinary crime. But the investigators` sense of smell told them there was something more to the murder± Col. Juan Carlos Nieto, deputy commander of Barranquilla`s Metropolitan Police, told El Espectador. Once the facts were presented, Legal Medicine contacted the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police. “This inter-institutional articulation was essential in resolving the case,” Nieto said. (See also©the wife of the Regional Director of Forensic Medicine who was arrested for her involvement in homicides.) The death of Dr. Emel Palacio Montagut caused a sensation among the authorities yesterday afternoon, because as director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Medicine of Norte de Santander, he distinguished himself by completing the criminal work that has made it possible to solve many crimes in the region. You may be interested in: These are the alleged murderers of Atlántico`s Director of Forensic Medicine The wife of the Director of Forensic Medicine has been linked to the trial, captured and is in the pre-trial phase of the hearing. However, the woman`s defense claims that it is a trap of Beltrán who wants to involve his client, ade Zona Cero ± said.

“You can`t imagine what I could do for you. I want you to give me a son. I love you. It was one of the text messages Dayana was sending to Beltran, but it was discovered by his wife Erika, causing the couple to separate. (Read: For $3 million, they killed the director of forensic medicine in Barranquilla) At that time, Yasser was hired by the national director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Carlos Valdés Moreno, who assured that he had granted this position to the woman so that neither she nor her son would be left defenseless. The pattern became clear: constant encounters with the wife of the late Eduardo Pinto, as well as conversations with men belonging to a group of criminals led by Alias Ãeco, who is now on the run. Police have managed to establish that the people allegedly involved in Pinto`s death were specialists in a type of robbery called “Rubleteo,” which involves getting into a car with weapons and observing the possible victims of the robbery from there. They commit crimes in the district of Cevillar, where Dayana Hassim De la Hoz and her husband Eduardo Pinto live.