My Husband in Law Thai Drama Recap

The show started with great fanfare, a super promising start. The first two episodes got me hooked and wished me more. Just the general idea of unrequited love and clinging to your first love, I`m pretty sure many of us couldn`t wait for the moment when our cold-hearted male leader finally sees the light in the female lead. I think the whole idea is great and at one point I crossed my fingers in the hope that it wouldn`t fall into the bear trap of Thai drama clichés, but boom! What did you expect? Not surprisingly, her husband`s son-in-law took a turn and dove straight into the tropical container of the Thai drama. I was almost incredulous when it hit me, which would happen later. My reaction was literally right, how really? I mean, of course, neither the husband-in-law nor the producers ever claimed that the drama would be “different from the others,” but with the hype and in these modern times, it`s like something in the back of your mind wishes it was different. But we`ll talk about that later. There are bigger problems I have with the show than just good. Shots. Well, that`s not to say the series didn`t have merits.

The poems exchanged by Muey and Tian were quite kind and depicted their feelings at certain points in the drama. Thien is pursued by Yada`s husband, Pon-Det, and a pursuit ensues. Pon-Det manages to drive Thien`s car into the water and leaves, but Muey arrives to save the day. His entire family visits Thien at the hospital, including an unwanted visitor, Yada. Yada says she is divorcing her husband, but Thien only says he has no feelings for her. Yada replies that he has no one, so Thien replies that he has a fiancée, Muey. Pon-Det then introduces himself and suggests that the marriage should take place or otherwise. Another prying ear was Thien`s mother, who tells him that he must make lying the truth so as not to be killed by Pon-Det in order to save Movey`s reputation and avoid further consequences, as it seems that Pon-Det is related to a well-connected family. Yada sought love, perhaps more like comfort, from Thien because she was verbally and physically assaulted by her husband Pondayt (the gangster). There were many scenes where she was physically assaulted by Pondayt and ended up in the hospital. The attack on women in Thai Lakorns is something I don`t miss.

Even during the time when I watched them more often, it still bothered me to see how these women could be attacked by these men and still love them. I love the fact that Yada developed some self-love and was able to let go of Thien and divorce Pondayt. She often called it a release. Hello fia. I`ve been following your blog lately as I`m actively watching Lakorn again after 10 years. Laughing out loud. A bit boring with K-drama, so I chose LaKorn. And the new generation of stars turned my head. haha. I`ve only known about the drama since the early 2000s and names like Nadech, Yaya or Mark are somehow unknown to me. For this generation of stars, Mark falls in love the most, even when I see Nadech and Yaya for the first time on TPC. I chose KC after this Coz recommendation in Yaya Lakorn and somehow skeptical with this Mark Prin.

Heck, this guy really has something that stuck ppl on the screen. In terms of acting, I`ve read so many reviews about it, but in a way, I find it charming. Laughing out loud. Back at the Lakorn, I can check based on some scenes that translate ppl into IG I`m watching. The other Mew drama I`m watching is in Buang Hong as a guest star and I think she`s really beautiful. But here, I really like his acting. She`s so natural and for the character that can be scary in other hands, she made it work and made me put down roots for her. Ahh, I like that there is no unnatural eye color here. Laughing out loud. Actresses tend to do this a lot in Lakorn until you don`t know what their original color is. lol As for Mark, I think it`s his best play yet.

After overcoming the shock of seeing how different he looks here from the other Lakorn of him I observe. Laughing out loud. Until I wondered if he was doing anything to her face. Laughing out loud. Guess what an incredible change you make when you lose so much weight. No But sometimes I miss his oily baby cheeks. His acting is quite different here. He gets so emotional with his eyes and his grumbling here is much better than KC.

Thank you Fia I hope you will revisit this drama later. Two weeks before the wedding, we see Thien with a woman named Yada in a fiery embrace. They spend a night together when the phone rings and Yada`s husband, Pon-Det, learns of their affair. Thien didn`t know she was married and basically tells you to Yada and heads to her house where we see that Muey is there as a housekeeper? For starters, the title is an interesting choice, right? “My husband in the in-laws,” which could mean many things, including a husband who supports you financially but doesn`t love you or have affection for you. However, English titles are not always the best title to describe what really happens in the story, which is why we will focus instead on the Thai title: “Ok gueap hak, ab rak khun samee”, which means “almost heartbroken by the secret love for my husband”. Based on this, we can conclude that this is a one-sided love story, albeit centered on romantic comedy, as with any Thong Entertainment or director of Aew Lakorn. Unrequited love stories are heartbreaking, but when the other side arrives and realizes they love the person they`re with, it`s satisfying. We will see if My husband in the law fulfills this premise.