Nassau Suffolk Law Services Jobs

At Nassau Suffolk Law Services, I interned in the landlord department. I had experience interviewing and advising emotional clients facing the imminent threat of deportation. The lawyer will provide services to all university campuses and will work independently and with other lawyers in the firm. An excellent work environment, a high workload, must be autonomous to occupy the position. Great people, a relaxed working atmosphere. I really enjoyed working with all my staff. All very intelligent and cooperative. I recommend this firm to anyone who needs a lawyer. The main focus of this position is to provide the real estate and facilities departments in relation to daily and new operations. Introduction Santa Cruz County INVITES YOU TO APPLY FOR THE PRACTICE OF LAW III – COUNTY COUNCIL *Salary pending approval by the Supervisory Board In order to complete . conduct legal research necessary to analyze and evaluate the student`s client`s case; negotiate with other parties on behalf of the student client; Research. Whether you`re developing algorithms, creating customer experiences, or answering critical questions, it`s your curiosity that counts at SAS.