Check out our work with Korkers Footwear

Korkers Footwear makes the best fly fishing wading boots available. They are a company built off of heritage, innovation, and general bad-assery. They came to us late in 2018, and together we aimed to solidify their entrance into new media, through Amazon optimization, email marketing, targeted ads, web development, and social media.

Organizing a Multi-Category Amazon Brand Page

“89 percent of buyers agree that they’re more likely to buy products from Amazon than other ecommerce sites (Feedvisor, 2019)” which mean that we need to prioritize the experience just as much as our ecommerce site. For Korkers, they have multiple categories that can get confusing to the average consumer, so we set out to design a brand page taht sorted them, and featured our brand new product videos front and center. In one look, users can find their category (Fishing, Outdoor or Work) see our top selling products, and read the brand story for a deeper level of trust.

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Email (Automated Emails (Drip))

Email is one of the top marketing platforms and results in revenue and engagement. With Instagram and Facebook’s continuous changes to their algorithm, marketing-focused posts are showing up less and less with often less than 1% engagement. Email, on the other hand, creates a direct relationship with the consumer, allowing you to cater things to them as an individual, which results in a much higher engagement rate. We started working with Drip ECRM to create a personalized experience with users. In addition to monthly release and sale updates, we created a welcome funnel to bring new users right into the heritage and history of Korkers.

Social (#OriginalSocialDistancing) & Buy Locally

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a very interesting campaign, and after quickly switching gears, we started #theoriginalsocialdistancing competition. We urged users to get out fishing, all the while practicing social distancing. After two weeks we picked our favorite photo and awarded them a new pair of Korkers.

Once the pandemic really hit the economy we stitched gears once again readying a campaign to support Korkers’ local retailers. Through email and social media we pushed our customers to small businesses with an unbeatable promo and in the end we had very solid results.

Building an Exciting Video Series

Korkers had several lifestyle videos, but they desperately needed a video series focused on product features for their website and retailers. Through energetic shots, dynamic motion graphics, and powerful music/SFX we created 21 videos that drove home the product to our fly fishing, outdoor, and work audience.

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