Check out our work with Vargo Outdoors

Vargo Outdoors is a manufacturer of lightweight titanium gear aimed for thru-hikers and anyone who wants to lighten their pack. We created a series of 10 articles to highlight features of their products to push via email and social to primarily drive SEO rankings. Through these articles we established an illustration style that carried on through email, social, and video.

Blog/Branding (Illustrations)

To boost SEO we planned 10 articles around key products and features that could get us higher in the search rankings. With our creative writers and talented illustrator, we pumped out beautiful blog content. To seal the deal we create a custom about us page to share Vargo’s unique origin story along the Appalachian trail.

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Email (Product Launches)

The founder of Vargo was constantly churning out new products which meant that we had to spread the word across the internet a lot. One of our favorite launches was for the BiFold grill, which quickly became a hit with our consumers.

Catching the Eye Through Video

Vargo created simple products that solved complex problems, and this titanium wallet was one such one. A video was need that created an impact, but did so with style and simplicity. A solid soundtrack and smooth transitions were the bread a butter of this video, and oh man did it turn out well.

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