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2020 was a big year for Tenkara USA and just as big for the website. Early in the year, the brand got notification from their existing ecommerce platform that they would be ceasing operation and dropping support. TUSA was forced to replatform and our team was right there to help.

Integrating a Shopify Menu into WordPress

Not all Shopify projects are full replatforms. In this case, we inherited a Shopify site that was freshly replatformed, but poorly designed. This made the project twice as easy but also twice as hard.

Some aspects of the project were a breeze (customer/order data migration was complete, product import was done, etc.). But some aspects of the projects were new challenges, specifically, integrating a Shopify menu into the WordPress blog. We problem solved our way to a solution and believe we are the first agency out there that has figured out how to create a Shopify menu onto a WordPress header, adding to our list of “firsts.”

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Everything You Need to Know About Tenkara in 10 Videos

Tenkara is not a overly complicated sport, but it requires some instruction. We wanted to simplify the learning experience down to 10
2 minute videos.

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