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Covid was devastating for many companies but G Box was not one of them. The resulting resurgence of golf led to the companies quick rise as a top golf instructional product company within 6 months of launch.

When the iron is hot, strike fast

G Box, a brand new company, approached us knowing their product would be popular but was limited to who they were marketing to. We knew there was more opportunity so we decided on a video ad campaign to reach new golfers.

What we didn’t realize was the challenge of creating new content. Given our timeline and travel restrictions from Covid, we were unable to follow our traditional storyboarding / shooting process. We had to get creative.

We leaned on user video clips from Instagram and put together an edit that’s consistently producing over 4x returns. Let us know – could we have done better if we filmed all the footage ourselves??

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Even More Fuel

The social ad was so successful, G Box founder George Gankas decided to create a giveaway where he gave away a grand of his own cash. To get the word out, we created this email campaign.