Check out our work with Mountainsmith

When Covid started, Mountainsmith’s YoY numbers were way down. We turned them around to see the biggest growth they’ve ever experience, but it wasn’t easy.

Stop Motion Product Videos

One of the challenge of showcasing product in video is showing off product features without models. Stop motion is one of the most effective ways of doing so and we had fun featuring all the lifestyle benefits of the Waterproof Tour.

This was one of our first stop motion videos and no better product than a fly fishing drybag!

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Responding to Demand on a Weekly Basis

At the beginning of Covid, demand shifted for outdoor products on a weekly basis. While others were slow to react, our team moved to a weekly ad strategy so we could react to changes in demand. By August the website was sold out of just about every SKU so we instituted a new inventory control program which helped ease inventory issues while maximizing revenue.

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